Indonesia’s Office Establishment

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Since November 2015 PHOMI have establish it branch company and point PT. Utomo Saudara Indonesia as its Sole Distributor. We see the needs for green and eco-friendly building material in Indonesia. As we are the pioneer in such material it did not take long before we decide to get into the market. In recent years, Indonesia’s real estate business is booming and the demand for alternative greener building material also skyrocketed. We believe that our products are very suitable for Indonesian people taste for creativity and beauty.

Our strength are our wide range of products that looked like the real stones, leathers, woods or bricks. Our price also very competitive compare to the others. The instalment process also faster and more cost efficient. That is why we believe that our product will become the market leader of the eco-friendly building material here in Indonesia.

We plan to open our first showroom in Jakarta in Q1 2016 and followed by other major city throughout Indonesia in the following months, such as Surabaya, Bali, and Medan.